Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Interview with James Bracey

James Bracey is a young, smart and talented journalist. Some would think at the age of 22 and being a Sports journalist on Sky News one would have no idea about the true meaning of journalism in society. Interestingly enough, James provided myself and the group with some detailed information on what he belives a good journalist is, through his own expereinces and through some he has witnessed at Sky News in particular. A student of the University of Newcastle and a Central Coast local, James has had an amazing break inot the journalism world. I will be putting up some, voice clips of the interview as soon as Ben a member of Team Bracey recovers from his illness. Ben may the force be with you!


christina said...

looking forward to the Bracey interview.

Ben said...

Hahahahaha thanks Ness I need the force!