Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Citizen journalism

For me citizen journalism is not technically true journalism. Well, its rather a personal perception not a socially validated comment. I'm mean, yes, everyone is allowed to freedom of speech and opionion but does that officially mean anyone can promote their feelings and have it classified as being valid in the "public spere". Or even for it to potentially have an effect on society. I just think citizen journalism allows for two much opinion. Im not saying subjectivity and opionion arne bad but most of the Blogs on citizen journalist websites I have come across don't socially construct an image on what they are trying to say. Things like censorship and defamation cannot be monitored as efficiently as everyday journalism. And once it does become a problem one can simply state they are a blogger not journalist, even though they previously got their nickers in a twist when someone said they wernt a journalist. Ironic!


christina said...

Do you think we need a blogger code of ethics?


A wee young Journalist said...

Yes, I think there needs to be some way of managing and monitering these "new" journalist movements. Otherwise there is going to be the risk of things like defamtion popping out of simple citizen blog pages. If this is becoming a part of journalism it should follow the same type of principles. In saying that though, I still dont classify it as news. Opinion and information yes. But some of it really doesnt benefit the public domain.