Thursday, September 27, 2007

In my attempt at trying to become a journalist of some sort, I have been lucky enough to already work in an industry where gaining contacts is easier than if I were on my own. I was very fortunate to have interviewed Kisschasy last night when they played a special RSVP show at the Metro in George Street Sydney.
I usually conduct my interviews with little or no preparation at all. Research on the artists is usually as far as I will go. Im like one of the jocks that doesnt like to wash their undies or jock strap before a big match? strage yeah..But, Im the kind of person that works better on the spur of the moment and improvises my behind off unitl their is some kind of potenital journalistic gold produced.

This time, after all Christina's words of wisdom and after listening to various presentations, I decided to conduct my interview similar to the one, conducted in class. I prepared. shock...I had questions lined up, back up questions, follow up questions and a broader knowledge than, "whats the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?" I had my pen, paper and kinda tried to imagine myself as one of those amazing 1960-70'sRolling Stones journalists that basically criticised every single Led Zeppelin Album that was ever released, even though they were all amazing pieces of work haha (my subjectivity). My goal was to be the enemy....and a real intimidating one i'm sure. ha

I cancelled out all subjectivity or personal feelings towards the band. I was asking questions from an audience and public perspective not from my own. And I tired to target the question and direct them from a particular niche market I had created. So basically my audience demographic that I was aiming for was both male and female aged 20-30. And it was categorized towards more of a rock magazine. Ranging questions for both male and female is harder than you think, when it comes to rock music.

So overall, I took a little knowledge from each weeks readings, mixed them up and interviewed a bunch of really cool guys, who were a great interview. I can go as far as saying I prepared well and thats why it turned out so good, but they had great personalitites and were open to all of my questions. So cheers to all!!

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