Monday, October 22, 2007

Chapter 15: The media is the message

We are all aware of the power technologiy has on the face of journalism. We know how much it is changing traditional news values and production. This chapter of the book goes on to explore the prominent impact that the newer technological advances like the internet and citizen or online journalism will have on our more traditional ones like broadcast:radio/television reporting and print:newspaper/magazine, and what effect it will have in deciding the outcome of traditonal journalism in the digital and converged media environment of the future.
Its a difficult thing to determine. We all want to progress and be up to date with the world, but I think there should be a barrier placed up against taking out all forms of traditional journalism. Yes things like the internet and digital enhancements may help in publishing a story, but report wise, I think we should stick to the more original news values to acess to information and public understanding does not become distorted.
It may then again just be a beneficial tool used to assist in what we already have. But in reagrds to the internet, I dont think online journalism really cuts the cake on a community level, and isnt that one of the main goals for a local paper or journalist. If everything becomes internet or digital based, how will the public feel on an intimate or personal level when they dont have the trust or respect for the reporter there reading is based from.

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